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(1) Liv Zhang


Liv Zhang is a Chinese lawyer who specializes in cross-border investment, international trade, intellectual property, and cooperate law. She has worked as a lawyer for 5 years.

Her first professional position was in an International Swiss Law firm, Bonnard Lawson’s Shanghai Office as an associate from 2017-2020. She assisted many foreign clients to invest in China. She helped an Australian listed company to set up wholly foreign-owned companies (WFOE) in Beijing, Shanghai, and Changzhou; handled the foreign debt registration and extension of 2.5 million US dollars of a company in Changzhou; and took part in the negotiation of the promotional film project for the Chongqing City Raffles.

She is also experienced in Intellectual property protection law. She helped the World Wildlife Fund’s Beijing Representative Office to negotiate with Yili on the trademark license of “金典Jindian” Milk.

Randy calls her his No-Surprises Queen. 

(2)Alice Li Yang


Alice Li Yang is a children’s English teacher currently.She has been a professional teacher for over 3 years including one year of overseas experience, teaching in England.

During her second year at university, Alice opted to become an exchange student in Taiwan which was a culturally enriching experience; it availed her with the opportunity to study and socialise alongside people from all over the world. This, combined with her enquiring mind, piqued her interest in English (hence becoming an English teacher).

The next step in her career was teaching English to adults in Chongqing from 2018-2019. After that, she went to England as an International volunteer devoting herself to helping special needs students from 2019-2020.With the objective of helping kids in China learn English in a fun and easy way, she returned to China and become a children’s English teacher.

Randy calls her the Treasure of Mind Fleet!

(3)Alex Tang


With a background in language and linguistics, Alex has been a proofreader and translator for 8 years. Her great command of English and Chinese enables her to navigate culturally loaded communications and help her clients deliver intended messages in an efficient way.

She was responsible for the English footnotes of Geng Defa’s individual painting exhibition Running to the Secret Garden held in 2011, in Chongqing, China. Over the years, her conscientious and meticulous work has been acknowledged by her clients, who successfully published academic papers in prestigious journals, including the Geological Society of America Bulletin, Frontiers in Psychology, and Expert Systems with Applications.

When asked about where her commitment comes from, she says it all boils down to the relentless drive for learning.

(4)Sonia Wang Chun


Sonia is an English major from Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing. She has also completed English education-related courses in college. Using English as a tool, she maintains and updates the blog, publishing new articles biweekly. Now, she will also maintain the Mind Fleet website.

Sonia loves education, loves children, and is loved and respected by her students. After two years of classroom experience, she has developed a unique teaching style based upon the belief that learning a language requires learning the culture behind the language. Her philosophy is every child can be guided; the guidance is a process of mutual support between teachers and students.

(5) CS Green 


At the age of eight, Chester Sidney Green became the company spokesman and public relations manager for Mind Fleet, Inc. Currently, he attends third grade classes in an elementary school in Chongqing. In his free time, he enjoys fencing, piano, and travel. 

CS was born in China but he is a fluent bilingual (Mandarin and English) with ambitions to learn other languages like Spanish, German, Russian, Scottish, Japanese and French in the future. He is also multicultural which means he can enjoy movies, music, and food from around the world. As part of the CQ expat community, Chester gets the benefits of role models and stories from adult friends from many countries.