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Authors of Postcards


Authors of Postcards

Miles Hudson:


(photo of Miles Hudson)

Originally a physics teacher, Miles Hudson is the author of Postcards From Space and Postcards From Deep Space. He’s also an author of several fiction novels, which you can check out on his website at

Photo from Wuhan 2019 (caption: Wuhan 2019, courtesy of Miles Hudson)



Courtesy of Dougal Jerram

Prof. Dougal Jerram (also known as 'Dr Volcano') is the Director of DougalEARTH ltd. in the UK, and holds a research position at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo in Norway. Inspired by our planet and keen to explore, Prof. Jerram is an Earth Scientist that has travelled to every continent to look at the Earth’s systems in the present and the past. He has published many scientific articles, worked with both universities and industry, and is involved in a number of science outreach activities. He has published Earth Science and popular science books, including ‘Victor the Volcano’; ‘Introducing Volcanology’; ‘Volcanoes of Europe’ and ‘The Travelers Guide to the Centre of the Earth’, and has appeared on TV shows about the Earth on a number of platforms (e.g. BBC, National Geographic, Discovery etc.). He was recently a presenter on a three part series for 'Discovery Asia' called ‘The Very Edge of China’ where he joined up with the climber and explorer JiaoJiao Hu, to seek out some of the extreme environments of China and look into how people live there and some of the cool science involved.Here is the link.