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Randy green:


Randy Green is an American who has lived in China since 2004. A member of Toastmasters International for over 20 years, he has published several books, created a blog,, and contributed to and other writing platforms. He has lived in Chongqing since 2016 with his wife and son. In 2021, he founded Mind Fleet, a company to introduce Western educational and quality of life products to Chinese consumers.

In 2003, living in his home state of Missouri, he received a life-changing invitation to come to China and teach English to university students. In accepting, he committed himself to a life both satisfying and mystifying. After 17 years in China, his experiences include: university-level teaching of spoken and written English for 11 years; chosen for publication in two books of essays by foreign teachers in China; issued a rare Permanent Residency Permit (green card); can ride a bicycle on crowded Chinese streets; 14 years with a Chinese wife; 8 years with a bilingual, bicultural X-hybrid Chinese/American son; extensive travel throughout China; and lived in three large cities in different regions of China. Somehow, he survived all of the above.

He can be contacted at or