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Mind Fleet


Mind Fleet

What is Mind Fleet?

(Officially: Chongqing Mind Fleet Education Technology Co., Ltd.)


Miles Hudson of Durham, England is a novelist, a teacher, a trainer of teachers, and a textbook writer. His physics textbook has been used in Chinese classrooms for years. He is also the creator of the Postcards From Space and Postcards from Deep Space series. Miles created a science-based story of space travel aimed at young students. He was joined by Dr. Dougal Jerram, creator of the Postcards From Volcanoes series. They intended to inspire students to learn more about science through stories kids can enjoy. For ESL students, the cards are also a powerful and fun motivation to develop English reading skills.

Postcards From Space was a story of two characters (a junior astronaut, Tanno, and Iguda, his space dog companion) as they explore the solar system and, in the second series, the phenomena of Deep Space. Dr. Jerram (also known as Dr. Volcano) joined the effort by sending Tanno and Iguda to explore famous volcanoes around the Earth – including one on Mars!


But logistical obstacles made these wonderful stories almost impossible to obtain in China. Then, Randy Green, in Chongqing, formed a company, Mind Fleet, and through a licensing agreement, now makes these educational stories available in China.